Even if I Tried (part II)


What?! You want to know what happens next? I guess I can tell you. But first, let me give you just a bit of background on where my life was when the nest part happened.

It basically started in September of 2012. I was a manager at my work, and my closest friends were my coworkers. There was Tori, she was my best friend at the time; Ciara, we had sung in choir together, and now we worked together; Linnzi, we had gone to school together for years, but we really didn’t get to know each other until now; and finally Kalob, whom I had done a play with the year before. These were my friends at the time, they were my rock, but they didn’t know I was gay. On a side note, there was Matt, who I had been friends with since preschool. He just got a job at my work, and this is where this story begins:

It was my first night closing with Matt. I was skeptical, but it look as though it could turn out to be a good close. It was a good clos

e, but I learned a lot about Matt. I had been living with the thought that Matt was a really good kid that went to church etc. Now, don’t get me wrong, he’s a great guy, and he would give you the shirt off of his back, but I learned a lot about him. I heard him swear, talk about his faith and how he didn’t believe the church was true anymore. This changed my whole outlook. It was time, time to be honest with him.

I still couldn’t talk to anyone face-to-face about it, so I decided to wait for him to pull out of the parking lot after work, then I would send him the text. I did. I went home and took a shower, knowing that he would get the text and reply immediately. He did.

“Is this a joke?”



There was more to the conversation, but now I can’t remember. The next day was awkward to say the least. We decided to hang out at my house after school, which was even more awkwardness. We just sat there trying to figure out how to be friends again. Don’t get me wrong, he was totally ok with it, he just didn’t know what to say, which is understandable.

We Googled it, we looked it up on Reddit, finally I broke the ice by showing him this video. From then on we were fine. Within the next few weeks I would tell Tori, over text again. She was totally cool with it.

Then one night it happened. I just couldn’t help it by this point. I was closing at work again, and we had been talking about gay things all night. Linnzi, Kalob, and Ciara were closing with me. I had to help Linnzi take take out the trashes. I told her that I may not like girls. She didn’t quite get it, and then she did… And, she was totally ok with it (I sense a trend here.)

I feel bad, but I hate to make this too wordy, but I’m gonna kinda put this in fast forward. I told Ciara and Kalob, and they were ok too. B

ut then something crazy happened. I went back to the sink to take some dishes back, and he whispered to me, “I am too.” I probably gave him the strangest look and then I asked him, “You are what?” He was gay. This was probably one of the biggest reliefs. Even though he’s still just a Senior in high school, he’s already done a lot of great things, and I Know he’ll do a lot more great things. You can find him here.

I can already tell that this post is waaay too wordy, so I’m going end this one here.


Next time: My first (kinda) boyfriend, and how I eventually tell my parents.


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