I’m tired

Blood barely pulses through my veins


The flame dims,

The scene fades,

The curtains close


The bags hanging under my eyes couldn’t hold

the weight of my struggles

Lives continue on just outside my door,

but I stagnate in my room

My mind rests on the mistakes of my past

and my present

I hardly leave my room


Days like these come too often

The light at the end of my tunnel recedes


I digress


The kettle begins to whistle

Usually a sharp and painful noise

now music to my ears

I let the tea run over the bumps of my tongue,

swish around my teeth,

and finally drop down into my throat


I have no big words to describe

my feelings

not now


Again, I digress




Even Teddy Bear

My lids weigh


With hope,

as Annie said,

the Sun

will come out



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