It’s funny, how fast time flies by. Two years ago I was lying in bed crying, and now I’m sitting in the Gerald R. Sharratt Library. I’d say that’s quite a bit of progress. I texted Mishae and after a lengthy conversation I came out to her. Flash forward two years: today she’s entering the MTC to serve a mission in London, England. Then there’s me. I’m finishing up my first year of University and in a couple of months I’ll be living in Salt Lake going to the U. Tomorrow I turn 19. Mishae and I I guess to finish off this really short and random post I’ll just say thank you. So, thank you, to everyone who’s helped me get to the point in my life that I am. Coming out is not easy, ask anyone who is gay/lesbian/transgendered/ect., so thanks for not flipping out and leaving me in the dirt when I came out. 😀