He is weak.

Sure, at first glance many people see a strong, smart, well-rounded, young man. But deep down inside, he’s fool. A loser. A sinner. What went wrong in his life that could lead him to such an unfortunate state? I surely don’t know.

He is me, I am him. I am weak.

He looked down at the Earth below him. He saw his mother, his sister, his brothers, his friends. Sure, he missed them, but he had work to do. He raised his mighty wings into the air and gave a flap. Nothing happened. He tried again to no avail. He looked around to make no one was watching and began the long walk back to the Temple. With his head hung low, he walked past the crowds of other angels in same. 

After what seemed like an eternity, he made it to the temple.”Father,” he said, “I am too weak to fly. Why? All the others can, so why not me?”

God replied, “You are so young, and your wings are so beautiful, but you have to give them time.” 

“But I’ve been waiting eons to get to use them, I thought I would be able to by now.”

“Just have faith. Faith in me, that I know what I’m doing. Faith in your wings, because they are what brought you here to heaven. And faith in yourself, because you are stronger than you know. I created you, son. I know just how beautiful your soul is,” tears streamed down God’s face, “Just remember, the strongest wings are the ones that are forged in the fires of Hell.”

God gave him a mighty hug and sent him on his way. As he hopped and skipped down the stairs of the Temple, he felt his wings start to catch onto the air. It wasn’t much, but he felt a little less weak, and a little more hopeful.