The Things I Cannot Accept

Yes, it has been a while, thanks for asking. A new year ushers in thoughts of resolutions and goals. Although nothing has really changed, besides our calendars resetting to January, and scribbling out 2014 to rewrite 2015, it does give us a terrific way to measure our lives.

This is not a New Year’s post. This is not a new me post. Please do not get confused.

“I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept.” -Angela Davis

That is 2015 to me. I’ve written a few posts about change, weakness, and being tired; but now is the ultimate time for change.

In four months I’ll be 20. Where the hell did my last two years go? I feel wasted. At least my constituents have spent the last two years “serving the Lord.” That’s more than I can say. Perhaps this is a queue to drink more tea, perhaps meditate a little more. I know my twenties will be my defining decade, so I must start out strong.

I’m already rambling.

So perhaps we should reimagine the Serenity Prayer, and start trying to change the things we cannot accept.

Have a blessed day, I guess…



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