Happiness was the bait. Loneliness was her trap.

“Never go alone,” his mentor reiterated. He had his trusty sword at his side the whole time.

At first, everything was great. The adventure was moving along smoothly. Battle after battle, win after win. But slowly, his energy wained. His determination fluttered. Before he knew it, he found himself running, instead of fighting. He was trapped in his brain. A whirlpool of “what-ifs” and “whys” began to bring him to the end of his whits.

He was trapped. Like a mouse to the cheese. “Snaaaap!” The bar held him hostage. He struggled. He fought. He cried toward the heavens, to find now answer in return. Minutes turned to hours, hours to days, days to weeks. He finally started to let the trap take control of him, and he laid down to rest.

He dreamed of a better place, one where true happiness rained supreme. A voice spoke to him, telling him to press on. It was not the end, there was something more. Sure, he lost battles, more than a few, but there was still a war to be won. The voice assured him that his sword was there, but he would need something more, something less tangible. Faith, perhaps.

He woke to find himself surrounded by darkness. This was the most scared he had ever been, but he remembered his dream and what the voice had said to him. He immediately jumped up, and began walking. He cold feel the weight of his trap still pulling behind him, but he marched onward. It was still dark. It was still lonely.

But he marched on.


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